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Here are some final thoughts on the election. Today, the word is – Don’t be fooled. Politicians and political parties can make it sound like they are here to save the world. They say, the fate of the nation is at stake. They say, they are needed to make things right. This is called a Messiah complex.

Well, sisters and brothers, we already have a Messiah, who is Jesus, the true Lord and King of kings. And he started a movement very different than the political entities found in any nation of this world – the kingdom of God. And he has called us to continue it.

Yes, God uses governments to keep order. But he has chosen us, his people to bring his transformation to the world, not them. And so when we look at the problems around us, why do we look to politicians to fix them? That is our God given job! Lowly as we are, God chooses to work through us, not the high and mighty. He works through simple followers of Jesus like us.

And we should not try to accomplish our mission by the power of the flesh. For you can’t accomplish a work of God through the power of the flesh. We are to follow the way that Jesus taught and modeled. Preaching the Gospel, calling people to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, incorporating them into the kingdom community, standing up for righteousness, working and praying for the peace of the cities and nations where God has placed us. And, of course, waiting for our Lord to return to bring forth the new creation.

This is our mission, and we need to get busy.


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