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You may not have noticed, but there is an election coming up. Some of us will vote, some will not – out of Christian conviction. Those who do vote will  have to decide their approach – are you a single or big issue voter or are you more pragmatic looking for some smaller Christian issues where you think a candidate can make a difference.

Given all this, I thought I would say a few things over the next few weeks about the election. And the word for today is – don’t be driven by fear. Politicians and political parties love to motivate by fear. But we are, of all people, to be a people of faith and hope. And that is because we look to God and not the resources of the world or the flesh.

Psalm 146:3 says, “do not put your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation . . .” Rather we need to understand what Daniel 5:21b says, “the Most High God is sovereign over all the kingdoms of the earth and  sets over them anyone he wishes.” Now I might just add, either for blessing or judgment, depending on God’s purpose.

As a follower of Jesus, do what you think is right in this election. But know that it is God at work. It is God’s choice that matters. He holds the key to the forward movement of history. And we can trust God.

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